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Down The Mall: Bidding a fond farewell to old-timer Tess

Wayne with the recently departed Tess, who had a penchant for acrobatic escapades. Picture: CONTRIBUTED
Nanjing Night Net

SEEMS to be the season for it: a few friends are reporting the passing of beloved old dogs in the past couple of weeks.

In our household, old Tess, a Shepherd/Collie cross, finally departed after 20 adventurous years. For a dog that size, it’s equivalent to about 115 human years.

She was an astonishing escapologist and was sometimes seen leaping off the top of a three-metre brick wall to make her getaway.

Her best effort was when she was found upside down and snoozing in the middle of busy Barnard Street and taken to the vet…who demanded to know who had given her hash cookies.

Never did find out, but Tess had the munchies for days.

Applicants invited

This situation vacant was reported on an on-line employment site this week.

“Wanted – Minister of Finance, Romance and Fishing.

The Minister will be the head of the Household government and ultimately responsible for the policy and decisions of the government.

As head of the Household government the Minister also: oversees the operation of the civil operations and government agencies such as the department of fishing, the department of finance and the department of recreational activities. Will be responsible for budgetary responsibilities, finance and capital gains expenditure.

Remuneration will be commensurate on experience.

Working conditions are live in, seven days a week with irregular days off and sporadic “coffee with the girls”. … Role is primarily located in Bendigo but relocation is expected as the Prime Minister works in Aviation.

All applications taken via email. Applications with photos and portfolio will be highly regarded.”

Wonder how he got on. Not well, we’re guessing.

Low turnout

It’s odd how things we now regard as major moments in history seemed so ordinary at the time.

In 1891, Bendigowas debating whether to stick with the name Sandhurst or go back to the old Bendigo. Sandhurst was the name of the city while Bendigo seemed to be the region.

Now, you’d think huge passions and great public stoushes would have marked this period, but that’s not so.

The Bendigo Independent of Wednesday, April 29, 1891, reported on the previous day’s referendum on the change proposal, noting that by 2pm only 250 people had voted.

By the end of polling, only 35 per cent of eligible voters had lodged a vote and the result was 1515 for Bendigo and 267 for Sandhurst. It was suggested Sandhurst supporters boycotted the poll.

According to the Independent, the most interesting part of the day was when an old digger strutted into the almost empty Town Hall and was asked: “What name?”

“Bendigo,” he roared. “You don’t think I’d vote for that stuck-up fal-der-rol Sandhurst, do you?

The clerk replied: “No. What’s your name?”

Numeric curiosity

We just noticed a curiosity in the State Budget papers of all places.

The economic plans of the Department of Veterans Affairs begin on page…303.

Tess and her young mate Marley. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

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